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Tasmania is a small island at the edge of the world, closer to Antarctica than northern Australia. Our rich maritime heritage draws from a deep current of Aboriginal coastal life, whalers, convicts, polar explorers, ship building, and global trade. The deepwater harbour of Hobart is a working port where ship's horns echo through the suburbs and seagulls wheel in city streets. Our long dark winter nights are lit by the Aurora Australis, our weather dominated by the Southern Ocean.



From our love for all things maritime, we produce documentaries about great ships and how they shaped the world. We celebrate our deep connection with the sea and how it shapes us. Our unique cargo of compelling tales, extraordinary characters, and stunning locations is brought to life with award-winning cinematography and story-telling skills.


'I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and sky,

 And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to
steer her by.'

John Masefield

“The Wake of The May Queen -
A Tasmanian story of survival and celebration.” 



Transporting treasure, trade and people across the world, ships under sail or steam changed the course of history. Without restoration of these old ships as working vessels, their history risks sinking without trace. Our documentaries showcase the efforts to keep these historic vessels alive before their stories are lost in time.


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